Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Complete Works of Class 6 Theatre (Abridged)

Beginning our 7th season is miraculous to me.  Well, beginning each season was miraculous to me.  But as more and more local theatre companies go under, and as I keep, unfortunately, aging, I thought it was a good time to celebrate our 7th birthday, and hopefully provide a fun little vaudeville history of Class 6 for both the patrons and donors who've brought us this far, as well as the new patrons and donors we're meeting this season.   

This show's a small writing effort in the spirit of other, popular, abridged productions that you may have seen (perhaps even one or two by Class 6!).  This was meant to be fast, then faster, funny, but with a few poignant moments.  Don't know if we succeeded, but it was totally worth a try! 

Plus, the zaniness of a life in the Theatre (by David Mamet) where we get an unadulterated peek into the backstage lives of 2 actors in a repertory company, seemed to be complemented by this zany duo, literally running through all the shows we've ever done.   

And since one of the unofficial mottos of Class 6 is to not let its shows run too long, this clocks in at a brisk 65 minutes.  Which I hope sort of sets the tempo for the season.  More theatre in less time.   

And since another motto is to never repeat ourselves, this hearkens back to our simple beginnings, but with a new angle and a new style.   

We're here to entertain you, and it's a privilege, not a right.  So as long as you keep enjoying what we do, we'll keep doing more of it. 

We're doing this saucy little romp for one week only, so get your tickets now!    

-Eric Schoen