Monday, March 21, 2016

Meet the Cast of Macbeth - Breona Conrad as Lady Macbeth

My name is Breona Conrad.  While I'm not in rehearsal, I used to sit down with a good book or knitting project.  Not anymore!  I'm a mommy now, and love every minute of it!  My husband, Joshua, and love to play outside; it's partly why we moved to Arizona in 2013.  Now, instead of books and knits, it's hiking, swimming, playgrounds, zoo trips; any adventure we can think of!  This lifestyle has caused a change in me recently:  I have recently become addicted to obstacle racing.  I completed my first Spartan Sprint two days before rehearsal for the Scottish Play began.  It. Was. AWESOME.  Oh!  And did I mention, I am also an ordained minister?  I recently had the honor of marrying my best friend and former Resident Stage Manager at the Know Theatre of Cincinnati, Kristen Ruthemeyer!  Again.  AWESOME.

I was last on the Class 6 Theatre stage as Katherine in Lauren Gunderson's 
The Taming.  I loved every minute of that production.  The script, the cast, George Washington, dance breaks for America, sunglasses for babies, bacon...all of it. Though that production closed months ago, I still find myself regularly using lines from the text in my day to day conversations...Goddammit, Hamilton. Now I just need to find a theatre to produce  Exit, Pursued By a Bear, and I will have completed the Gunderson Shakespeare Cycle, as I played the comedic version of Lady M (Beth) in Toil and Trouble in 2013...and our production photo just so happened to make the back cover spread of Gunderson's works on of American Theatre magazine!  

Oh, the superstition.  As far as I know, every actor knows the horror that can ensue with any cast who dare says the name of the Scottish Play within the walls of a theatre.  I, personally, have no experience with the superstition other than hearing stories, perhaps true, perhaps not, from actors who braved a past production.  My favorite connection to the superstition comes from the old BBC show Blackadder.  (do yourself a favor and watch the clip on YouTube.)  Upon hearing the name of the title, two HIGHLY superstitious actors have a wonderfully silly ritual where they immediately chant "Aaaaaahhhh.  Hot potato, orchestra stalls, Puck will make amends," to exorcise the evil spirits.  Priceless.

And now... #CatBeth!

BREONA CONRAD- Lady Macbeth (Bloody Sergeant, 3rd apparition, Lady Macduff)
Breona is honored to return to the Class 6 stage fresh off the heels of "The Taming" last fall!  Before moving to Phoenix in 2013, Breona and her husband met and worked as resident actors at the Know Theatre of Cincinnati.  Favorite credits during that four year tenure include a two year national tour of "Calculus: the Musical!" alongside her only tour member, her husband, Joshua, "Sideways...Wayside School," and "Toil and Trouble" (Lauren Gunderson's comedic adaptation of Macbeth).  Cheers!



Thursday, March 17, 2016

Meet the Cast of Macbeth - Amanda Noel Trombley as Witch 2 and Other Roles

Hello Amanda! So glad to have you back at Class 6 Theatre! Let's introduce you to new readers. 

I'm a Jill of All Trades and Master of Two (literally- I have two masters degrees in Shakespeare and Performance). Every day is a new adventure be it in acting, directing, parenting, crafting, teaching, babywearing, blogging, or who knows what else! I'm also a huge nerd. To sum up, here are two links to images that have been my jam while rehearsing this show.


OH, also, this is how I'm balancing out some of the awesome darkness in rehearsals because #catholiclife

You're also directed for Class 6 before, correct?

I directed How I Learned to Drive, The Taming, and a staged reading of Stop Kiss. I also understudied several tracks in 12th Night last season.

Can you explain the superstition with saying this play's title and your experience with that superstition?

I can respect that some people want to uphold this tradition. I can't explain it other than I think it's human nature to crave traditions and a place to channel their nerves. So while I personally have other things I worry about too much, saying the play's title in a theatre is not one of those worries. I wouldn't say it purposely just to bother other people though! Here's a picture that sums it up: 

Using only Cat pictures, tell us about your character(s)  

AMANDA NOEL TROMBLEY- Witch 2 (Messenger, Porter, Murderer3, Servant, Young Macduff, doctor)
A native Arizonan, Amanda Noel Trombley earned a Bachelor's from Pepperdine University and an MFA in Shakespeare and Performance from Mary Baldwin College in association with the American Shakespeare Center. Since graduating, she has been involved with theatre around the valley as an actor (Sister James in Doubt, Germaine in Picasso at the Lapin Agile, and more.), director (How I Learned to Drive, The Tempest, The Taming, and more), writer (Alphabet Shakespeare series, her blog: ‪, and more), text coach, and teacher. Amanda is grateful to create art with wonderful people.  Serve, Love, Mend.



Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Meet the Cast of Macbeth - Taylor Hix as Witch 3 and Other Roles

Hello Taylor Hix and welcome back to Class 6 Theatre! For those of you who haven't met you yet, tell us a little about yourself. 

I was born and raised in Central Oregon, and I enjoy nature.

I moved to Arizona last May after graduation.

I am a triplet, two boys and myself. I am the oldest by one minute and I never let them forget that! I love to sing, dance, act,  draw...pretty much anything creative. I did an internship at Disney World back in 2013.

I am also a huge Disney fan; Belle is my favorite character.

I am fascinated by makeup and my favorite special effect is gore.

Very glad to have you back! This is not your first production with us, yes?

This is my second production with Class 6 Theatre. I was Patricia in " The Taming" by Laura Gunderson, directed by Amanda Noel.

Can you tell us about your various characters using only cat pictures? #CatBeth

Image result for Creepy cats
I am one of the three witches
Image result for scary cats

Image result for Creepy cats
I am Witch 3, the youngest and still a psychopath in training. I aide in murders and other mischief.

As Young Siward, I pick a fight with Catbeth.Will I be victorious?

TAYLOR HIX- Witch 3 (Ross, Murderer 2, Seyton, Young Siward)
Macbeth is Taylor's second production with Class 6 Theatre. She was last seen as Patricia in The Taming. She recently received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Oklahoma City University and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Taylor would like to thank Eric, her fellow cast members and crew, and Andrea for all of their dedication. She is especially grateful for the constant support and love of her family and friends. Phil. 4:13