Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Meet The Cast of SYLVIA - Jeff Huffman (Greg)

Hello Jeff and welcome to Class 6 Theatre! This is your first time working with Class 6, correct?

This is my first time working with Class 6 (I've worked at the Hale and Southwest Shakespeare Company during the last two years) and I'm very excited to be working with a group of truly talented and insightful artists that have really made their mark on the local theatre scene. I've seen a couple of Class 6's previous shows and have a couple friends that have worked on past productions, and everything I've seen and been told about in connection to Class 6 demonstrates to me that it is a great company on the rise.

Thank you! Word of mouth has been our best friend when it comes to the awareness of Class 6. Is there anything in particular that excites you about this project?

What excites me about working with Class 6 is the group's obvious willingness to take risks. The reversed casting of Julius Caesar was nothing short of brilliant. I'm also very excited to be playing the role of Greg once again. I did the show ten years ago back in Minnesota and I've always loved the story. In fact, this production of Sylvia will be opening almost exactly ten years to the day from the opening performance of the previous production I was in.

Very cool! Doing this show twice, 10 years apart, must be quite the experience. What do you think is the message behind the show that makes it so important for you to tell this story 10 years later?

I think the most important message that Sylvia has to offer is the idea that love comes in many different forms, and unconditional love is the ultimate expression of our humanity.

That is a very important and enduring message. With that in mind, what is your vision for the future of theatre in Phoenix?

My vision for the future of local theatre in Phoenix is one of growth and expansion. The local theatre scene has faced many challenges during the recent economic recession and my hope is that more and more people in the valley remember that one of the best ways to weather those sort of storms is through the enjoyment and support of a vibrant and growing arts community. 

Within that arts community, what's up next for you?

I don't have anything schedule after this production, but I do intend to keep hitting the auditions around town and hopefully be able to continue honing the craft and building my acting career.

Well, we are all very excited to see what you bring to this production. Maybe you can share the experience of doing this show vs. the show 10 years ago? We'd love to hear all about it! Until next time, have a great rehearsal!

Jeff Huffman (Greg) is excited to be performing for the first time with Class 6 Theatre. He has actually performed the role of Greg in a previous production of Sylvia back in Minnesota almost exactly 10 years to the day prior to the opening of Class 6's production. In the Phoenix area, Jeff was previously seen in Southwest Shakespeare's production of A Midsummer's Night Dream, and at the Hale Theatre where he was in The Hit as the gangster Slavo, and as the dastardly Bob Ewell in To Kill a Mockingbird. Jeff earned his degree in Theatre from Minnesota State University, Mankato and has participated in over 60 full scale stage productions from Fargo to Phoenix. Jeff would like to thank the talented group that makes up Class 6 Theatre for a wonderful opportunity, and all of his family and friends for their support.

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