Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Meet the Cast of Macbeth - Taylor Hix as Witch 3 and Other Roles

Hello Taylor Hix and welcome back to Class 6 Theatre! For those of you who haven't met you yet, tell us a little about yourself. 

I was born and raised in Central Oregon, and I enjoy nature.

I moved to Arizona last May after graduation.

I am a triplet, two boys and myself. I am the oldest by one minute and I never let them forget that! I love to sing, dance, act,  draw...pretty much anything creative. I did an internship at Disney World back in 2013.

I am also a huge Disney fan; Belle is my favorite character.

I am fascinated by makeup and my favorite special effect is gore.

Very glad to have you back! This is not your first production with us, yes?

This is my second production with Class 6 Theatre. I was Patricia in " The Taming" by Laura Gunderson, directed by Amanda Noel.

Can you tell us about your various characters using only cat pictures? #CatBeth

Image result for Creepy cats
I am one of the three witches
Image result for scary cats

Image result for Creepy cats
I am Witch 3, the youngest and still a psychopath in training. I aide in murders and other mischief.

As Young Siward, I pick a fight with Catbeth.Will I be victorious?

TAYLOR HIX- Witch 3 (Ross, Murderer 2, Seyton, Young Siward)
Macbeth is Taylor's second production with Class 6 Theatre. She was last seen as Patricia in The Taming. She recently received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Oklahoma City University and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Taylor would like to thank Eric, her fellow cast members and crew, and Andrea for all of their dedication. She is especially grateful for the constant support and love of her family and friends. Phil. 4:13


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