Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Meet the Music Director of Failure: A Love Story - Ashley Bradford

Tell us about your experience with Class 6 Theatre  
This is my second show music directing for Class6 Theatre. I am in love with the organization, what it stands for, and the art it produces. It is a high honor to musically collaborate with the Class6 team. 
What is your special connection to this show?
I especially enjoy the music in this show, and how Dawkins used music to create a visceral  mood, feel, and experience. David Dickinson is a creative force and his vision for this show is riveting. 
What do you love? 
I love hiking, nature, wilderness camping, yoga, reading, travel to remote cultures, and fine dining


Ashley Bradford (Failure - Music Director) holds a Bachelors in Piano Performance with a minor in Vocal Performance. She has directed and performed concert tours throughout the United States, Asia, and the South Pacific and has been featured in many recording projects, music festivals, and concert halls. Ms. Bradford also earned a Masters in Music Education from Boston University and served as President of the Arizona State Music Teacher's Association. She leads the Piano Lessons for Adults program at Master’s Music Academy. For more information about Piano Lessons for Adults, e-mail Ashley at info@MastersMusicAcademy.com

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