Sunday, May 3, 2015

Meet the Cast of TWELFTH NIGHT - David Dickinson as Malvolio

Hello David Dickinson! You have been a large part of Class 6 Theatre's history and development. Can you tell us a little about that?

I’ve been a part of Class 6 from the beginning serving as one of the original board members for the first two seasons.  I developed the Class 6 website and continue to help with it occasionally when Eric needs a programmer.  As an artist, I played Austin in Class 6’s production of THE BIBLE:  THE COMPLETE WORD OF GOD (ABRIGED).  I directed SYLVIA earlier this season and was very grateful to the company to get the chance, as it was my directorial debut.

Are you excited for this show?

Twelfth Night is my favorite Shakespeare play.  I love the comedy of it and there is potential for lots of good slapstick fun.  I love all kinds of theatre, but my favorite shows have physical comedy incorporated somehow.  Twelfth Night provides those types of outlandish situations that work great for broad physical choices.

I took the “Which Shakespeare Character are You” quiz online.  I got Viola.  So confusing.  I then waited and took it again after waiting two weeks.  I got Viola AGAIN.  

"From Twelfth Night. Like Viola, you break boundaries and challenge conventions. You try anything, and more often than not, you enjoy it. Because of your courage, friends often draft you to help with their complicated plans, and that's how you end up in quandaries. Be brave, and never compromise your unique personality to fit in."

Clearly Keath Hall got it all wrong when he cast me as Malvolio.   It may force me to show up to rehearsals and play Malvolio as a woman playing a man this time!  He does have some fancy stockings after all.

If I were to choose a Shakespeare character I think I am, I would pick Bottom from MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM.  I take myself way too seriously, but at the core I just want to make everyone laugh.  And if I’m honest, sometimes I can just be an ass.

Life is difficult. Sometimes yours seems like one hard knock after another. However, people fall in love with your self-deprecating humor and your enthusiasm for getting things right. You move in and out of different social circles easily because class and status mean very little to you.

Get your tickets today!

And why not take the Shakespeare quiz yourself? Make sure to SHARE your result and mention #Class6Theatre and #TwelfthNight!

David Dickinson returns to Class 6 Theatre after acting in The Bible (abridged) and directing Sylvia.  The past eight seasons, David has been privileged to delight the young audiences of Arizona, Las Vegas, Southern California, Belgium and the Netherlands as an actor at Childsplay.  He is an Associate Artist of the Megaw Actors Studio where he continues to train and is represented by the FORD/Robert Black Agency.  Recent stage credits: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (Childsplay), Christmas 2.0 and Forward (Phoenix Theatre) and Opus (Actors Theatre of Phoenix).  On television he hosts Food-Ball, a teen cooking competition (AZTV-7).

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