Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Meet the Cast of TWELFTH NIGHT - Emilie Doering as Feste

Hello Emilie Doering! This is not your first show with Class 6 Theatre, correct?

I have done one other show with Class 6 Theatre, and it was Comedy of Errors with puppets.  It was both my first Shakespeare and my first puppetry performance. Oh my god, it was the perfect combination of professionalism and a blast! And the callbacks for Twelfth Night were the same. We were all running around, preparing as rapidly as possible to present different scenes with different reading partners, and the environment was so friendly and casual and high energy, it was like a cesspool of creativity, all these germs of comedic ideas coming to life together. Class 6 in my opinion cuts to the quick of theatre, in that it provides this fluid, energetic, friendly environment because it knows much of an actor's best work will come from that. The creative expectations of this theatre are among the highest I've ever dealt with in the Valley, but you don't feel the pressure in a negative way because your fellow actors and the director channel all that intensity and passion into positive channels. There is a reason I've been dying to work with Class 6 Theatre ever since Comedy of Errors, they took a chance on my inexperienced-self and trusted me with the responsibility of sharing their complex creative vision. That responsibility was at times intimidating but also the very thing that inspired me to work my hardest.

Well it is great to have you back! Are you excited for the show?

I'm thrilled to be playing a character typically reserved for a man. Feste is a part with musical demands, physical demands, and comedic timing demands and to get to take that on with a contemporary twist as a homeless street performer and a FEMALE is so exciting. Besides, everyone knows only the fool knows what's going on in a Shakespearean comedy. ;)

Do you have a particular role model?

Audra McDonald is my role-model. Her voice is sent from the gods, she is unafraid to perform in nearly every genre of theatre in a variety of roles (that's how she won 6 freaking Tony's), and she is open about her political views when it matters to her even if it might not be the favorite opinion of her fans. She is clearly smart, hard-working, talented, and pleasant to work with--all traits I would love to be known for someday.

Who did you get on the Shakespeare Quiz?

I am Prospero! 

"You believe there is magic in the world, and use all of your power to try to create your own little utopia. You do have bad luck with storms and boats, though."

I certainly do believe there is magic in the world! But not the Harry Potter kind, the practical magic kind that is about acknowledging the magical in the mundane and choosing to live everyday with a mind open to something a little miraculous.  And yes, I need to have a tiny corner somewhere in the world that I like to be my utopia-space. It's where I go to feel better and recharge my batteries. It requires a home-y environment just messy enough to suggest creativity but clean enough to be relaxing, and lots of my loved ones. Personally, I think I have great luck with storms, but as an Arizona kid I can't say I've tried many boats...

Thanks again Emilie! We can't wait for your performance!

And why not take the Shakespeare quiz yourself? Make sure to SHARE your result and mention #Class6Theatre and #TwelfthNight!

Emilie Doering (Feste) is thrilled to be back at Class6 Theatre. At ASU’s Lyric Opera Theatre, she’s been in Children of Eden (Eve), Smile (Brenda), Little Women (Meg), and La Perichóle (Manuelita). Other: Les Miserable at Phoenix Theatre, A Tribute Concert to Marvin Hamlisch with the Phoenix Symphony, Annie Get Your Gun, Dear Ruth, and Lend Me a Tenor at Hale Centre Theatre. Previously at Class6 she was seen in Comedy of Errors (Luciana). Over the past two summers she’s studied and performed at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música de México in Mexico City and with the Mittelsächsiches Philharmonie in Freiberg, Germany. Thanks everybody!

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