Thursday, November 5, 2015

Meet the Cast of FAILURE: A LOVE STORY - Hillary Scott



Hello and welcome to the Class 6 Theatre Family! This is your first experience with us, yes? 

This is my first experience with Class 6, and it has been a wonderful, whimsical, whirlwind of words, speech, sound, scenery, storytelling, music, mechanics,illustration, imagery, physicality, puppetry, poetry, and pratfalls.  I am completely swept away with the challenge of the piece as well as the joy of the ride that our director David Dickinson is taking us on.  I am loving every single second of it!    Wonderful! 

What would you say is your special connection to this show? 

Just like our keystone character's parents, my family from my fathers side came through Ellis Island, and like so many, we had our "bottoms chopped off"(that is a line from the show) meaning the last part of family name was lost in translation when coming to America in the late 1800's.  It made me feel like I knew who these people were, I really felt that I could relate and fall in love with their story, no matter how strange or abstract it may get.  What excited me the most about this story when I first read it was the language.  It reads with this amazing sound and imagery that, once I was done, I just wanted there to be more!      

Since this is a love story, who was your first love? 

I would have to say the first time I ever felt the feeling of love, you know that thing you can't describe but there is clearly something happening between your head and your heart that you can't quite put into words.  Was really when my family lost a very dear friend, a woman who had become a sort of second grandma to me.  When my family broke the news to me that she had past, the overwhelming emotion that would go on to control my perspective on life, could have only happened to that degree because I had lost someone that I had truly invested so much love into. I had allowed myself to trust and share and spend time with some one outside of my immediate relatives only to lose her and all the memories, and trust and time was gone as well.  I guess sometimes you don't know what love is until you don't have it anymore.  I don't think I truly understood the weight of love again until my nephews and nieces were born.  I look at them and I think "there is no way that I could love this individual THIS much" I love them so much that sometime I just want to burst into tears because my heart is rejoicing so much.  THEIR investment in me was that of my investment on that family friend, and that is core shaking, life changing kind of love.    

Now finally, how does this quiz say you will die?   

Well buzzfeed had this to say about that..... I guess their are worst ways to go.  How ever it is, I have faith in the all mighty that it was the way it was meant to be and He will take of me and my loved ones.       

You’re going to die being smothered by kittensYou’re sweet, adorable, and have a gentle nature. People are drawn to your kindness, and you always lend a helping hand. You’ll exit this world surrounded by cuteness.  

And why not take the quiz yourself? Make sure to SHARE your result and mention #Class6Theatre _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Hillary Scott is very excited to share the stage with so many wonderfully talented individuals for her first Class 6 production.  Hillary was most recently seen in The Hormel New Works Festival: Evening of Short Plays this past spring at Phoenix Theatre, where she contributed in working with local actors and directors in efforts to help up and coming playwrights during the developmental process of their new works.  Other credits include Germaine in Steve Martin’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Bee Bee in SuBurbia, Sloane in Something in the Air, and her personal favorite Grace in George Bernard Shaw’s The Philanderer. She has a playwright credit in the 2007 Vortex of Creative Writing, as well as production manager credit with Scottsdale Conservatory Theatre.  If Hillary is not on stage she can most likely be found running around Phoenix Theatre contributing to their community outreach and audience engagement.  Hillary wants to thank you all of you for taking the time out of your day to share in this magical process that is Failure: A Love Story.  Also, a very special thank you to her sweetheart David Struyf. Without whom she'd be lost.

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