Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Meet the Director of THE TAMING - Amanda Noel Trombley

Hello Amanda! Welcome back and thank you for directing another Class 6 production! Remind us of your involvement. 

I first came to class6 to direct a staged reading of Stop Kiss and was thrilled to be asked back last season to direct How I Learned to Drive. I also understudied for 12th night last season and now I'm so excited to be direction in rep with David Dickinson again. 

What excited you about this play?

What first excited me about the show is how smart and funny it is. I kept laughing out loud reading it for the first time and I'm sure my husband thought I was a little crazy from how often the giggles came. As I started preparing more for the production I found that what I loved even more than the humor is how passionate each character is and how hopeful this play is which is a rare emotion in anything to do with politics these days. And now I'm excited about how great my cast is in bringing this brilliant script to life. So basically I am excited about all of it.

This show is pretty political; would you say you have a political affiliation? 

I don't really fall very easily into a political party. I'm like the Pope- only way less people care what I think because I have no money or clout. Also, I am not half as cool as the Pope. But getting back to the point which is how I don't really feel like I side well with anyone politically… maybe that's another reason why I was drawn to this show. Katherine's vision of a new kind of politics appeals to me.

After taking the quiz, which founding father are you?

I got Sam Adams… probably because when beer was a choice, I chose it.

Sam Adams
You’re a bit of a wild card, but no one can question your devotion to something when you’re passionate about it. You’re energetic and enjoy taking initiative, and don’t fear getting in trouble if it’s for a good cause.
A native of Arizona, Amanda Noel Trombley earned a Bachelor's from Pepperdine University and an MFA in Shakespeare and Performance from Mary Baldwin College in association with the American Shakespeare Center. Since graduating, she has been involved with theatre around the valley as an actor (Sister James in Doubt, Germaine in Picasso at the Lapin Agile, and more.), director (How I Learned to Drive, Anatomy of a Hug, The Tempest, and more), writer (Alphabet Shakespeare series, her blog:, and more), text coach, and teacher. Amanda is grateful to create art with wonderful people in a place she loves. Serve, Love, Mend.

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