Monday, November 2, 2015

Meet the Director of FAILURE: A LOVE STORY - David Dickinson


Hello and welcome back! You've had a blog spotlight before (twice even!), but remind us about your Class 6 Theatre involvement.

​I've been involved with the company since its inception, first as a board member, website developer, and then as an actor and a director.  I've had some great on stage experiences with the company, with my favorite being performing THE BIBILE: THE WORD OF GOD (ABRIDGED) to a full house at the Shepherd of the Hills United Church of Christ.  Those people got ALL the jokes.  It was raucous!!

How were you introduced to this show? 

I was sent the script by Eric this summer.  I read it and it touched me deeply.  Old memories and connections to my own family history rose to the surface that had been idle for decades.  I cried a lot.  I cried right there with the script in my hands, in my house.  It was ridiculous.  I couldn't stop.  I don't really cry much when I read scripts and not like that!  I was sitting on my couch sobbing thinking, "I have no idea how to direct this show, but I feel so deeply about it I have to take it on."  ​

Since this is a love story, what would you say was your first love?
​Basketball.  ​My older brother played basketball and that is all I ever wanted to do as early as I can remember.  I was the best basketball player on Horatio Place as I spent my 10,000 hours perfecting my jumpshot, fade-away and dribbling in the driveway of my childhood home.  Early pictures of me are with an orange nerf ball and a basket!

Now finally, how does this quiz say you will die?  

You’re going to die being smothered by kittensYou’re sweet, adorable, and have a gentle nature. People are drawn to your kindness, and you always lend a helping hand. You’ll exit this world surrounded by cuteness.

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David Dickinson returns to Class 6 Theatre after acting in Twelfth Night, The Bible (abridged) and directing Sylvia.  David has been privileged to perform regionally and internationally with Chlidplay. He currently is a member of Phoenix Theatre’s Partners that Heal, an improv troupe serving the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  He is an Associate Artist of the Megaw Actors Studio where he continues to train and is represented by the FORD/Robert Black Agency.  Recent stage credits: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (Childsplay) and Opus (Actors Theatre of Phoenix).  On television he hosts Food-Ball, a teen cooking competition.

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