Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Meet the Cast of THE TAMING - Breona Conrad

Hello Breona Conrad and welcome to the Class 6 Theatre family! Can you tell us a little about your experience with Class 6 Theatre so far?

Auditioning for Class 6 started a new chapter in my life adventure:  life as an actor with a child.  "The Taming"  was the first audition I have prepared for since leaving Cincinnati in 2013.  The Class 6 family has been so warm and welcoming to me and has made my transition into acting with a family seamless and magical.  The atmosphere in the rehearsal is so relaxed, open, and comfortable.  I truly love and appreciate the collaborative nature our team has created.  We laugh, we inspire, we enjoy, and leave exhausted with smiles on our faces; I couldn't ask for a better way to jump back into theatre!

That's great to hear! Do you have a special connection with THE TAMING?

I have a unique relationship with this show.  Before leaving The Know Theatre of Cincinnati in 2013, our artistic director asked my husband and I if we would like to be in one more "farewell, Cincinnati!" show.  That show was Lauren Gunderson's "Toil and Trouble," and I had the honor of being the second woman to ever play the role of Beth alongside my husband in the role of Matt. (Get it?  We were MattBeth.  Love it.)  The show was so new to the scene that we had the opportunity to have a collaborative meeting with Gunderson and were sent some re-writes on the script.  "The Taming" has been on my radar ever since that production.  Fast forward two years, and now, here I am.  In a new city.  With a new company.  Doing "The Taming."  This now being the second play in her Shakespeare cycle of which I have been a part, it has been particularly fun to see the little similarities within the cycle: Senator Baxter is an unseen character, we learn of a hilariously obscure animal, blackberry...just to name a few.  Katherine is a role of a lifetime for me, and I can't wait to share it with you, America.

That's really amazing! Getting into your character now; who do you think your character would vote for in today's election cycle?

 HeyY'all!  What a wonderful question.  And I have a wonderful answer.  My daddy always told me, "Katherine Chelsea Hartford, the greatest leaders are those who do not wish to be leaders."   So why, why, why would I vote for anyone who is actually running for President?  You know, that write-in space is there for a reason.  That being said, I win an awful lot of pageants without even trying.  In fact, I don't even WISH to win.  I just do.  ThankYouSoMuch!


Breona Conrad is elated to be making her Phoenix area theatre debut with Class 6 Theatre at the beautiful Mesa Arts Center. Before moving to Phoenix, Breona and her husband spent five years involved in the Cincinnati theatre scene, eventually taking the two person show, ​Calculus:   The Musical  ​   on a two year national tour, which passed through the Southwest and led them to   choose Arizona as their next home.  Their last show with the Know Theatre of Cincinnati was Toil and Trouble,   ​  another in Lauren Gunderson's Shakespeare cycle; which means this is back to back Gunderson for Breona, and she couldn't be more jazzed about that.  Cheers!

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